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  • Pocket Air<sup>®</sup> Tube
  • Pocket Air<sup>®</sup> Tube
  • Pocket Air<sup>®</sup> Tube

Pocket Air® Tube

Vibrating Polyimide Mesh Technology

Pocket Air® Tube is an inline, single-patient use nebulizer that is designed to provide a safe, efficient, and convenient drug delivery system for ventilated patients.

  • Soundless Operation: Maintains a quiet and comfortable hospital environment for patients.

  • Disposable: Disposable components prevent hospital-acquired infections.

  • Easy to Use: One-button control brings convenience to healthcare professionals.

The Perfect Tool for Aerosol Drug Delivery in Healthcare Environments.

Customizable Nebulizer for Professionals

Vibrating Mesh Inline Nebulizer Pocket Air® Tube enables aerosol drug delivery through mechanical ventilation systems. We provide device integration services for respiratory care products and welcome collaboration and co-development opportunities.


Can operate with adapter, USB car charger and portable battery pack.




Instruction Video