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  • MBPN002 / MB0500300
  • MBPN002 / MB0500300
  • MBPN002 / MB0500300

Pocket Air® Portable Nebulizer

MBPN002 / MB0500300

Vibrating Polyimide Mesh Technology

  • Soundless Operation: No noise disturbance during use.

  • Portability: Light, compact and powered by batteries. Daily treatments could be done anywhere.

  • Effectiveness: Delivers approved inhalation medications with minimal residual volume.

  • Easy to Use: Only four steps before starting the treatment.

*Specification may vary depending on geographic regions. Please see the specifications on the box for details.

Soundless and Portable Nebulizer for Personal Airway Therapies.

Polyimide Mesh Technology

Pocket Air® Portable Nebulizer is powered by our patented Polyimide Mesh technology. When the mesh vibrates, the medication is cut into tiny droplets whose size are ideal for respiratory treatment.

  • Capable of nebulizing both solutions and suspensions.
  • Fast and stable aerosol delivery.
  • Biocompatible, durable and anti-corrosive.
Polyimide (PI) 500x Magnification

Soft Mist Plume

With our patent-pending technology, the MicroBase vibrating mesh module vibrates at a speed exceeding 100,000 times every second and pushes solutions through the unique stepwise structured micro-apertures. The liquid is broken into tiny aerosol droplets and released rapidly into the air to minimize the treatment time. The mouthpiece is designed with four air channels to allow the influx of air to meet the nebulized particles; this creates a soft mist plume which can be easily absorbed by lungs when inhaled.
Promising both safety and efficiency in drug delivery, the MicroBase vibrating mesh module is sealed in our patented Encapsulating Armor (plastic armor), where components are compartmentalized to minimize disturbances.

How the soft mist plume is formed:

  1. The Solution is pushed through the micro-apertures and turns into aerosol droplets.
  2. The aerosol droplets are released rapidly.
  3. Aerosol droplets meet the influx of air, creating a soft mist plume.




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