Guarding Your Respiratory Health.

The volume and speed of the mist is not adjustable. Taking deep breaths while inhaling the medicine might cause discomfort, as such it is recommended to breath normally to safeguard a comfortable treatment.
Pocket Air® Portable Nebulizer works with both AA alkaline and NiMH rechargeable batteries. A set of new 2 AA batteries would allow continuous nebulization for 90 minutes. Otherwise, if the nebulizer is used three times a day where 2c.c. of medicine is nebulized each time, a set of new 2 AA batteries would last for a week.
No, it does not charge the batteries. Please remove the batteries when adapter is used as the power supply.
The largest difference lies in the size and weight of the nebulizers. Particle size is different in terms of its uniformity, Pocket Air® Portable Nebulizer is able to produce fine particles concentrated in size ranging from 2 to 5 um, particles smaller than this will enter lung alveolus instead of staying at the bronchus, diminishing the effectiveness of the treatment.
What to do when the nebulizer is clogged?