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  • EMM-Aerosol Generator
  • EMM-Aerosol Generator
  • EMM-Aerosol Generator

Our innovative technology lies within every aerosol delivery device we craft.

Encapsulated Mesh Module

  • In the encapsulated mesh module, the polyimide mesh and PZT vibrating element are sealed in a biocompatible plastic case acts as a barrier to further protect the mesh from physical and chemical damage.
  • The sealed design is not just a protection. It enables the mesh module to integrate into device structures without huge modifications. The performance of mesh module will not be easily suppressed by the device structural design

EMM Advantage

Polyimide Mesh Module

MicroBase is the first company in the world to introduce plastic material into nebulizer mesh modules. Our unique mesh material polyimide (PI), is a biocompatible and durable material that possesses excellent corrosion resistance. Studies show PI is extremely safe, stable, and can be used in the most advanced medical devices such as neural implants.
MicroBase is able to precisely create thousands of 3μm diameter apertures on a thin polyimide mesh. The size, shape and position are all perfectly controlled, creating the ideal vibrating mesh for aerosol delivery.

Technology Features:
  • Low power consumption and silent operation
  • Durability and stability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

Operating Mechanism

The vibration of the mesh module pushes medication through apertures on the mesh module to generate fine aerosol for respiratory therapy.